Dearest Logjammers,

After many years, we have decided to finally bring service to an end. Some of you have been with us since the very beginning and it has been amazing to have you stick with us the entire time. Your loyalty has kept us afloat and it's meant the world to us, but unfortunately the time has come for us to close up shop. As the years have gone on, we have found it more and more difficult to provide the level of support to you that we need and want to, so for that reason and others we are going to call it, and we are going to help you transition elsewhere.

As of today, we are not accepting new signups for any service nor processing renewals, either web hosting or domain name related.

We plan on shutting down Web Hosting services on March 31, 2022, but that can be adjusted as needed, depending on how long it takes to get everyone situated elsewhere. Anyone who has web hosting service that extends out past this date can request a prorated refund. Just email support@logjamming.com, please use the subject line “WEB HOSTING REFUND FOR (domain name)”. SiteGround.com and GreenGeeks.com are solid affordable web hosting options that specialize in WordPress sites, perhaps check them out.

For domain name services, we highly recommend you transfer your domain to another service. Porkbun.com and Gandi.net are two user-friendly and affordable services that some of us use. You can transfer to them, or another registrar, and the FULL period of your current registration with us will carry over, so you won’t lose any time. To transfer, we will need to unlock your domain for transfer, so to request this please email support@logjamming.com with the subject line “DOMAIN TRANSFER FOR (domain name)” and we will do so. Additionally if you have any issues with the transfer, email us and we will help you work through it.

Again, we will no longer be accepting Domain Name Renewals, so if you do not do a transfer your domain name will eventually expire.

It really has been amazing working with all of you and thanks for supporting our little hobby project for so many years.

Happy new year and all the best,
Brian, Christian, Josh, Pat