get support

Support Options:

1. Create A Trouble Ticket:
Go to the SUPPORT CENTER, click on “Submit a Ticket”, then create a Support Ticket, which can be responded to by whichever logjamming staffer gets to it first. Make sure to mention what domain name you are talking about, and supply a valid email address!

You will get an email receipt of your ticket, which will include a link to check it. If you don’t get the email, check your spam/junk mail folder – if your email thinks the receipt is spam, it will think emails from us are too! Whitelist “” and “” (and/or add them to your contacts) if you are having this problem.

(Note: logging in is OPTIONAL! If you forget your login, you can still make a ticket.)

While you are there, you might want to look at the KNOWLEDGEBASE – it might be able to help you solve your problem on your own.

2. AOL Instant Messenger:
Send us an IM at: “supportjamming”.

3. Send An Email:
Send an email to (Note: This makes a ticket, just like in #1, so we recommend going with #1 unless there is some good reason not to.) All the comments about your junk mail/spam folders apply here too: if you email support and don’t get an immediate auto response, it means your email client/spamassassin install is blocking our mail… or I guess it means the problem you are writing us is related to email ;)