Open source imaging

So by all accounts, i’m most assuredly the most obstinate of us over here at logjamming. Sometimes it’s my choice of disks in servers (seagate all the way. after dealing with another maxtor failure today i vow… never again) or the fact that i am vehement in my use of linux for my desktop, in the end, i’m just that brand of pain in the ass.

Which brings me to my rant of the day…. open source imaging.

For quite some time this has been a sore spot. Some times it’s josh & his “there’s no pantone in GiMP rant”. Other times it’s the annoyance of needing to convert file types. Well, today i found my holy grail for the latter.


This utility rules hard. Recently one of the designers we work with passed me files in eps and illustrator format. The tricky part, is that illustrator didn’t close some of the strokes properly and i was left with a version of “mr log” with half his mouth chopped off every time i rendered it to bitmap. Pstoedit to the rescue. Fixing this was as simple as typing the following command:

pstoedit -f plot-svg text_logo2.svg

That did the job quite nicely, except that the g’s o’s and a’s looked jacked up. It didn’t do the knockouts in the center of the letters. This was easily fixed by adding the “-ssp” flag to the command leaving me with:

pstoedit -f plot-svg -ssp text_logo2.svg

Try it out. Works like a charm.

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