about us

Logjamming is a web hosting service devoted to webloggers, journal keepers, bands, artists and regular folks. We are geared towards personal sites, especially weblogs and creative projects, as well as small businesses (record labels, artists, craftspeople, etc.).

It is run by webloggers and creative people who understand your problems and can help you solve them. We started this service as a place to keep and maintain our own sites and decided to allow other loggers and creators to host here for very affordable prices- starting at $5 a month!

We do not place any ads on your site. You get your own domain name (www.yoursitename.com), and if you don’t already have the domain name registered, you can now do it through us for $10/year by going HERE. If you DO have your own domain, you can go ahead and SIGN UP right now. You’ll need to confirm you want to move it with the people you’re currently paying, but it’s relatively painless.