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Nagios – System and Network Monitoring

October 30, 2007 4:41 pm by brian

Recently I’ve been digging into lots of reading related to Nagios. It’s a great network monitoring system that can be used to monitor damn near anything. Maybe you’re looking to keep an eye on Temperature on your back deck. Maybe you need to see the humidity in your data center (and make sure it’s in a certain range). If there is something you need to keep an eye on (and more importantly, want to be notified if it changes), then have I got the tool for you.

That being said, this a book review. Specifically, it’s “Nagios – System and Network Monitoring” by Wolfgang Barth (No Starch Press). Once again, the folks at No Starch deliver. It’s a hefty tome which works as a reference manual as well as a howto. With around 450 pages (give or take) it should be everything you need to get your feet wet. Just recently, we decided at logjamming that we need to do more blogging. After all, we are a company devoted to servicing bloggers. To make this happen (as well as be a major annoyance, which i’m good at), Josh and I wrote a Nagios plugin which checks on the blog every 5 minutes. If one of us has not written a blog entry within the past week, that person gets notified via text message. If nobody has blogged in the past 72 hours, then all of us get a text message. It’s a good balance of “big brother” and “spewing information to the world”.

Anyways, like I said, I’m doing a book review here… sheesh, stop side tracking me. This book is fantastic for beginner to intermediate users. It doesn’t touch on any of the GUI interfaces (like Fruity) but, in my opinion it’s best to learn to walk before you put yourself in the wheelchair. Blah Blah, fantastic book. Buy it today!